Please provide us with your comments and suggestions regarding the Economic Policy Paper

Tell us what you think of the Economic Policy Paper

Tell us what you think of the National Treasury’s proposed strategy to revive the shell-shocked South African economy.

OUTA believes this paper is a welcome step towards tackling the state of our economy in an inclusive way.

South Africa faces tough decisions which can’t be deferred any longer. In October, the mid-term Budget must plan cuts to fund the substantial costs of SOE bailouts in the face of declining tax revenue. Our economy is stagnant. Solutions are urgently needed.

OUTA intends to engage with the Treasury’s call for comment and make a submission.

OUTA supporters and members of the public who would like to contribute to our submission are welcome to do so. You can send your comments to OUTA below. Please send us your comments by 9 September for inclusion in our submission to Treasury.

A copy of the Treasury’s policy paper “Economic transformation, inclusive growth, and competitiveness: Towards an Economic Strategy for South Africa” and the details for commenting directly are on the Treasury website here. The Treasury’s deadline for comment is 15 September.

It’s about your economy, so get involved.

Please send us your comments & suggestions.

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