The Guptas, the Oberoi and their guests...


 Meet the Guptas guests

The Gupta leaks continue to expose the corrupt relationship between the Guptas and key individuals responsible for the rampant state capture over the last decade. Below are some of the booking confirmations of Gupta guests in the Oberoi - a five star hotel in the Gupta's stronghold in Dubai. These documents confirm these individuals all expenses paid visits to the Gupta family. Click on the links to read more.

Aashika Singh

Aashika Singh is an Indian citizen and a former ANN7 employee. She was appointed as a director of Tequesta and Regiments Asia in November 2017 when Salim Essa resigned. She was also a director of other UAE companies and was used as a proxy for these companies by the Guptas. Interestingly she and Anoj Singh stayed in the Oberoi at the same time - Feb 2015. It is possible that she was involved in opening a bank account for Venus Ltd, a UAE company who benefitted financially from the Guptas.

Booking Confirmation 

Anoj Singh

Anoj Singh is the former CFO of Transnet and Eskom.  He stayed at the Oberoi Hotel in Dubai several times, booked and paid for by the Guptas.  He was part of a group of prominent South Africans who were booked in at the Oberoi in December 2015.

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Ayanda Dlodlo

Dlodlo held several cabinet positions.  She was found in breach of MP’s ethics code after she failed to disclose her stay at the Oberoi in December 2015.  Although the Gupta leaks show that Mr Fana Hlongwane paid for her stay at the Oberoi, there is clear evidence that the Guptas arranged the booking and consulted with Duduzane Zuma regarding the type of suite they were able to book for her. 

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Daniel Manthsha

Mantsha, a former chairperson of Denel and advisor to the Minister of Communications, stayed on several occasions at the Oberoi Hotel, booked and paid for by the Guptas.  He was also put up at hotels in India and was a passenger on the Gupta private jet, ZS-OAK.  

Booking Confirmation   2

David (Des) Van Rooyen

Van Rooyen, the former short-lived Minister of Finance, was booked into the Oberoi and paid for by the Guptas in December 2015.  This was shortly after he was removed from his position as Finance Minister. 

Booking Confirmation 

Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane was a regular guest at the Oberoi.  Later his wife Shanice joined him on some of his trips. His bookings at the Oberoi and flights to Dubai were always taken care of by the Guptas.  He was also a regular passenger on the Gupta plane, ZS-OAK.

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Fana Hlongwane

Hlongwane was also a guest at the Oberoi Hotel in December 2015.  The booking confirmation was sent to Ashu Chawla at Sahara which is a clear indication that the Guptas took care of the arrangements.  His invoice was also sent to Sahara, although he paid himself when he checked out.

Booking Confirmation 

Kim Davids

Davids was the Personal Assistant of former Public Enterprises Minister, Lynn Brown.  Her booking from 27 December 2015 until 1 January 2016 was made by the Guptas, who also paid the account.  A luxury car and chauffeur were also arranged for her to take her to the Gupta residence in Emirates Hill in Dubai. 

Booking Confirmation 

Matshelo Koko

Koko’s accommodation at the Oberoi was booked and paid for by the Guptas.  The reservation confirmation shows that the booking was done for 1 adult in a deluxe suite and included breakfast at the Oberoi’s world class restaurant. Chauffer driven transport was also arranged for Koko from the airport to the hotel.

Booking Confirmation 

Mosebenzi Zwane

The former MEC of Agriculture in the Free State and former Minister of Mineral Resources was a guest of the Guptas on several occasions.  They sponsored him and his daughter’s choir for a trip to India in 2012.  He was flown and accommodated in Switzerland, India and Dubai by the Gupta family.  In India the Guptas also arranged and paid for medical treatment for Zwane.

Booking Confirmation 

Muhammad Saloojee

Salojee, the former KPMG executive director and corporate tax head, was treated to an all-expenses paid stay at the Oberoi in March 2016.  He was also a guest at the famous Sun City wedding.  KPMG was the audit firm for all the Gupta companies. Saloojee also advised the Guptas to use Aashika Singh and Soo Young Jeon as proxies for the Dubai based companies.

Booking Confirmation 

Salim Essa

Essa accompanied the Guptas on foreign trips all over the world.  Together with Tony Gupta, Essa went to Dubai, India, Switzerland, Mauritius, and other countries.  His bookings and travel arrangements were taken care of by the Guptas and he was no stranger to the Gupta jet, ZS-OAK.  Essa was also present at many of the trips arranged by the Guptas for other guests like Mosibenzi Zwane, Duduzane Zuma and Anoj Singh.

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Siyabonga Gama

The former GCEO of Transnet was treated with a Dubai trip by the Guptas in January 2016.  He was booked into a deluxe suite at AED1,750.00 per night and stayed at the Oberoi for two nights.  Gama’s flights were also paid for by the Guptas.

Booking Confirmation 

Soo Young Jeon

Jeon is a Korean national who features quite prominently in the Gupta leaks.  She was, like Aashika Singh, used as a proxy for Gupta companies in Dubai.  Jeon was commonly referred to as “Heather” in the Gupta leaks and was assisted financially by the Guptas in purchasing a restaurant in South Africa.

Booking Confirmation 

Thato Magashule

Thato Magashule is the son of former Free State Premier and current Secretary General of the ANC, Ace Magashule.  Thato was also a guest at the Oberoi in December 2015.  Interestingly, the Guptas never treated him and his brother the same as other guests. He would stay in a cheaper, less luxurious room and would not fly first class.

Booking Confirmation 

Tshepiso Gift Magashule

The other son of Ace Magashule who also received a salary from the Guptas, was a regular visitor to Dubai. He was also treated to an all-expenses paid holiday in America by the Guptas. Gift was the go between the Premiers office and Gupta's Indian Politicians. Gift was also part of the December 2015 group that were booked in at the Oberoi by the Guptas. 

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