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OUTA’s Other Projects Portfolio was established to address the following core focus areas, whereby we believe our work will improve the performance of Government, its respective departments  and its state owned entities in the delivery of service to society: 

Core Focus Areas:

  • To expose and address maladministration and corruption in Public Sector and Private Sectors involved in developing South Africa’s Energy Industry.

  • To challenge Eskom’s Electricity Price Increases, and thereby Efficiencies of Eskom, costs, etc, where this is deemed to be necessary and based on good research and facts.

  • To represent society / our supporters on Policy development (in Parliament & other functions) to ensure rationality and best outcomes to society, (e.g. IRP, Nuclear Deal, Gazettes etc).

  • To give input on Municipal Electricity Regulation.

  • Engage and provide input to Government / Parliament when requested to do so, within our mandate and capacity.

  • To further the aims and development of OUTA’s Energy Portfolio through:

  • Media Statements in response to developments of projects, cases and reaction to matters pertinent to factors impacting on civil society in the energy sector.

  • Participate in national conferences (Private and Public Sector), where Civil Society input is required.

  • Position Papers and opinion pieces where necessary

No Bluedrop reports made public since 2014

Join us and make South Africa better. 

In this portfolio we have undertaken the following projects:

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Following on from successful and peaceful countrywide protests earlier this year, Tuesday 8 August will once again be a day when citizens of South Africa take to the streets to convince supporters of parliament to vote out President Zuma. 



The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) alerted the City of Tshwane to an irregular tender contract worth nearly R35 million and the metro has now suspended this contract pending further investigation.  


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