OUTA (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse) believes in the fundamental right to privacy, including privacy when using the internet and viewing websites. We endeavour to protect such online security as diligently as possible.

This policy is applicable to all the pages hosted on OUTA’s website. It does not apply to pages hosted by other organisations which we may be associated with and whose privacy policies may differ to ours.

OUTA does not collect personal identifiable information on our web site unless the individual has voluntarily chosen to give it to OUTA via the following mediums: the OUTA website, email, telephonic discussion, by registering as a supporter, or by postal mail. When information, is provided to OUTA, we ensure that same is kept confidential, furthermore we bind our suppliers to the same standards that we keep.

OUTA does not sell or rent web-generated mailing lists or any other form of personal identifiable information.

OUTA does not share or subsequently disclose its files to other organisations nor do we provide our mailing lists to outside agencies and third parties.

Once OUTA has obtained the contact details of the individual; OUTA shall send said individuals emails updating them on the actions that they performed on OUTA’s website, as well as information on other OUTA campaigns. If at any time the individual wishes to unsubscribe from the OUTA mailing list, said individual may do so by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email communication.

OUTA retains certain records of individuals who contact us for further information or individuals who require assistance and we need to contact them later or provide further information at a later stage. However, we do not provide this information to external third parties unless we have been given permission by the individual involved. Furthermore, and we will not utilise this information for any other purposes.

OUTA’s website is hosted on a variety of servers; for instance, information collected for fundraising purposes is collected on a server owned and maintained by OUTA; and which server is located in a secure environment. Information contained on our website logs are not personally identifiable, and OUTA shall not attempt to link that information with the individuals that browse the website.

The server collects information regarding the date and time in which our website was accessed and the internet address of the server from which the individual accessed to our website. We anonymously track an individual’s movement on the website. This data is used to improve our website’s performance and to evaluate traffic statistics, such as the times of day and days of week which experience peak traffic, as well as to assess the relative popularity of different areas of the website.

A cookie is a tiny element of data that our website can send to an individual’s browser, which may be stored on said individual’s hard drive. OUTA’s website uses cookies to customise certain options. This small amount of information does not contain any private information stored on the individual’s computer. An individual may set their web browser to notify them when they receive a cookie, or they may disable cookies altogether. OUTA does not use cookies to track an individual’s content choices.

OUTA’s Donation and supporter pages use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): a security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet. The protocol allows clients and server applications to communicate in a manner that  prevents eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery. The protocol encrypts all personal information, including credit card numbers, names, and addresses. By doing so information can not be read as it travels via the Internet. Whilst on a secure page, such as OUTA’s Donation Form, the lock icon appears at the bottom of web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator, and Microsoft Internet Explorer and is locked, as opposed to the unlocked and open icon, when one is ‘surfing’ the internet. Kindly visit for more information.

All information, not just the sensitive information, is restricted; only employees who require the information to perform a specific job (ie. the Supporter Managers) are granted access to personal identifiable information. Our employees are required to use password protected screen savers when they leave their desk. Upon their return, they are to re-enter their password to re-gain access to supporter’s information. Furthermore, all OUTA employees who handle supporter information, are kept up-to-date on various security and privacy practices. Employees are notified and reminded about the importance placed on privacy, and the measures they can take to ensure that our supporter information is protected at all times.

OUTA’s security measures and privacy policies are reviewed on a regular basis. Should you have any queries regarding the information we maintain and retain, kindly contact us.

By registering as an Active Citizen or donor, you hereby accept this privacy policy and authorise OUTA to collect, store and process your information in the manner mentioned above and for the purposes in which you submitted same.

Last Edited on 2016-09-07