Where is the revised IRP?

OUTA notes Energy Minister Jeff Radebe’s comments this week which clearly state South Africa no longer has a nuclear energy agreement with Russia. However, it would be premature of us to pop the champagne when the Minister is yet to produce a revised Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

06/06/2018 12:20:01

Where is the revised IRP?

OUTA is concerned about the delay in the publication of the IRP for public comment, given Minister Radebe’s commitment that the final version should be considered by Cabinet by mid-August 2018.

“If Minister Radebe is to achieve a mid-August deadline and therein provide policy certainty, the Department of Energy should without delay issue the draft IRP for public comment,” says Ronald Chauke, OUTA’s Energy Portfolio Manager.

The current and only legally viable IRP document in place dates back to 2010, which is grossly outdated. An update has been long awaited.

“Only once this is compiled in a transparent and credible manner, which includes public participation, can the country’s energy mix for the medium to long term be clearly outlined,” adds Chauke. “This in turn will provide clarity and certainty about the need, capacity and extent of all energy options to best meet South Africa’s needs and at the most affordable price.”

OUTA is concerned that the delays in gazetting the revised IRP casts doubt on whether an effective public consultation process will be conducted.

Without meaningful public engagement, Government will not achieve its commitment to ensuring that interested and affected parties are given an opportunity to provide objective comments on the future energy mix.

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