SANRAL’s misleadig advertising – stunted yet again

It was a year ago to the month, that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ordered SANRAL to withdraw their misleading advertisements, which portrayed that 83% of road users would pay less that R100 per month in e-toll fees.

11/07/2015 11:38:51

SANRAL’s misleadig advertising – stunted yet again

Once again, on the 10th July 2015, the ASA has ordered SANRAL to remove another misleading advert, wherein they have recently advertised the new tariffs and discounts relating to the new dispensation, and which is indeed false. The claim was recently lodged by a contentious citizen (ASA Reference: 2015-1226F).

OUTA is on record as saying that SANRAL is wasting tax-payers money by spending millions of rands on an ineffective marketing campaign to seduce the public into accepting an irrational and unjust scheme. What makes matters worse for the tax-payer, is that SANRAL approves of their advertising company’s production and airing of these misleading adverts.

Once again SANRAL’s already low level of integrity takes another blow and one wonders when someone on the board of this state owned entity will take action against the people responsible this wasteful expenditure.

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