SANRAL chair resigns; is pressure taking its toll?

Today’s announcement of the resignation of Ms. Tembakazi Mnyaka, - the Chairperson of SANRAL’s board - is not surprising, given the heat that appears to be building up in SANRAL’s kitchen.

31/07/2014 10:44:34

SANRAL chair resigns; is pressure taking its toll?

One only has to look at the number of issues that have contributed to the build-up of steam in SANRAL’s pressure pot, to cause people in Ms Mnyaka’s position to bail out. Given the nature of the fiascos which have developed over recent times, society would welcome the facts as to why Ms Mnyaka has resigned.

“Chairman positions on the boards of State Owned Entities (SOE) such as SANRAL, become the property of the public,” says Wayne Duvenage, the Chairperson of OUTA. “People who fill these positions need to ensure that the board of the SOE is not prejudiced by conflicts of interest, and that all risks are managed in a professional and transparent manner. Given all the vexing issues the SANRAL board has had to contend with, her sudden departure does not come as a surprise”.

The following issues highlight the possible symptoms of their organizational crisis:

  • The current e-toll debacle, which has now run up outstanding bills of approximately R1,5bn to date and is currently under (its third) review by Premier Makhura’s panel.

  • Litigation surrounding SANRAL’s need for secrecy of “sensitive” information to protect commercial interests of an unsolicited bid for the Western Cape Winelands Toll project.

  • A brewing issue around the Pondoland community’s rejection of SANRAL’s desire to construct a new tolled road through the Wild Coast.

  • The Lwandle squatter eviction debacle.

  • The lack of explanation to the public of SANRAL’s action against the collusive construction companies who overcharged society for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project. In June, OUTA wrote to Ms Mnyaka for a response on the developments of this matter and has yet to receive detailed feedback from her.

“The lack of factual information pertaining to Ms Mnyaka’s resignation will result in unnecessary speculation, conjecture and intrigue, which is not conducive to resolving the crisis brewing within SANRAL,” says John Clarke, OUTA’s joint Spokesperson.

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