SANRAL CFO makes mockery of judiciary and bond investment

In an interview on Friday 4th April, SANRAL CFO Inge Mulder made a mockery of the Judicial system by stating that summonses will be easily processed by rolling up every individual’s invoices into one charge and that bulk cases would be easily handled by the courts.

04/04/2014 11:50:20

SANRAL CFO makes mockery of judiciary and bond investment

John Clarke, OUTA’s spokesperson says “The judicial system is not the handmaid of SANRAL. It exists to ensure justice prevails. The statements made by the SANRAL CFO completely ignores the fact the each person’s case has to be heard individually and that there are thousands or possibly even hundreds of thousands of people who have simply no idea of how the system works, the tariff structure is misleading, invoices have numerous errors, SANRAL’s call centers are unable to answer or deal with queries, not to mention the incorrect information which the e-toll administration processes rely on”.

Clarke adds, “They cannot harass and threaten potential charges against innocent people who are not even using these freeways. Furthermore, SANRAL still needs to convince a court why it conducted a diabolical and most feeble pubic engagement process in 2007/8, as well as providing the Minister of Transport with misleading information and other pertinent irrational matters that challenge citizen’s constitutional rights at the time of the e-toll decision being made.”

OUTA also notes with interest and concern, Ms Mulder’s mention of the postponement or delay of SANRAL’s bond auction - which was supposed to take place on Wednesday 2nd April - due to incomplete paperwork. “How on earth is it possible that a state institution of such stature, who have notified the investor community of its bond auction some two months ago, can now hide behind incomplete paperwork and a need for signatures, at such an important period in its financial planning?” says Wayne Duvenage, OUTA’s Chairperson.  “It is our belief that the postponement of SANRAL’s bond auction was due to this week’s announcement of SANRAL’s dismal e-toll collection results in Parliament that could have dampened the sale of their bonds, as has happened in the past, which would then have possibly triggered another Moody’s downgrade to junk status.”

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