OUTA moves forward with Transnet submission

Kickbacks worth billions given to companies owned by key individuals.

03/05/2019 08:07:07

OUTA moves forward with Transnet submission

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has handed in a comprehensive submission to the State Capture commission detailing corruption, money laundering and fraud at Transnet.

In addition to the 1064 contract which has been extensively reported on, OUTA has handed in evidence corroborating two additional contracts that show dubious dealings between the state owned entity and corporations.

“We are confident Transnet chairperson, Popo Molefe, will confirm what is in our report while testifying at the State Capture commission. Our submission shows that kickbacks worth billions was given to companies owned by key individuals,” said Rudie Heyneke, OUTA’s Portfolio Manager  on Transport.

The evidence presented to the Zondo commission has taken OUTA over six months to compile. The file is a combination of OUTA’s own investigation into the Gupta leaks, whistle-blower information as well as reports compiled by other interested parties.

In addition to this submission, OUTA has handed over evidence to the state capture commission that directly implicates Salim Essa aka “The Rainmaker”, in money laundering at Transnet.

“OUTA could not, due to sensitively placed whistle-blowers, make public some of the evidence pertaining to what is believed to amount to serious financial crimes. At OUTA we pride ourselves on whistle blower protection and do whatever it takes to ensure whistle blowers are safe,” added Heyneke.

OUTA is confident that the evidence handed to law enforcement agencies will enable these agencies to speed up their investigations and to act against the implicated persons in the near future.  It is of utmost importance that  South African citizens see action and that those who looted billions of Rands from the South African tax payers are brought to book. This report does not mean that OUTA has completed its investigations into the Gupta leaks. "New information and evidence is still retrieved daily by our investigation team," says Heyneke.  This information will also find its way to law enforcement agencies in due course.

OUTA's submission with all the attachments can be seen HERE.

OUTA is a proudly South African civil action organisation, that is purely crowd funded. Our work is supported by ordinary citizens who are passionate about holding government accountable and ensuring our taxes are used to the benefit of all South Africans.