No blacklisting for e-toll judgments

OUTA Welcomes ETC Clarity

20/03/2019 09:17:19

Recently ETC was reported as saying that anyone against whom an e-toll default judgment was granted would be blacklisted. However, the Credit Bureau Association (CBA) has made it clear that credit bureaus are not entitled to load judgments related to e-tolls onto consumers’ profiles.

The CBA says that the Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment Act of 2013, which amended the South African National Roads Agency Limited and National Roads Act of 1998, specifically excludes the levying and collecting of e-tolls from the provisions of the National Credit Act of 2005.

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According to the CBA, those who are aware of information relating to an e-tolls judgment on their consumer profiles may contact the following credit bureaus to lodge a dispute and have the information removed.

  • Compuscan

  • Consumer Profile Bureau

  • Experian

  • TransUnion

  • Vericred

  • Xpert Decision Systems


The CBA’s statement is  .

OUTA welcomes this clarity from CBA.

OUTA remains committed to ending Gauteng’s irrational e-tolls permanently.

OUTA is managing almost 2 000 cases on behalf of its supporters against SANRAL. We are in the advanced stages of the test case.

Motorists are advised not to ignore a SANRALsummons related to e-toll debts and if they have any queries check out OUTA’s website or contact us on

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