Makhosi Khoza Resigns

Makhosi Khoza resigns from OUTA

15/03/2019 10:16:41

It is with a heavy heart that we accept Dr Makhosi Khoza’s resignation, following her decision to put her fulltime attention into her passion to advance her work and research into African languages as well as to pursue other avenues to bring about much-needed change in South Africa.“Makhosi has added immense value to OUTA over the past nine months, in her input and positioning of OUTA’s Local Government strategy,” says Wayne Duvenage, OUTA’s CEO.  “This was a very amicable parting and Makhosi has indicated that she will still act as an ambassador for OUTA’s work and will still be available to consult with us and assist OUTA in its work to rectify the decline of local government.”

OUTA thanks Makhosi for the nine months that she was with us and the insights that she provided to the team on the mechanics of government structures and how these have given rise to the difficulties and problems that our country faces. Her friendship and link to our brand has been invaluable and we wish her every success in her endeavours.

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