E-toll courts – more questionable costs and aggression

The enforceability of e-tolling is becoming such a hot potato for SANRAL, they are now having to resort to proposals for enforcement through a separate court system.

15/10/2013 11:06:43

E-toll courts – more questionable costs and aggression

One imagines a reason for this action is because SANRAL now realizes the e-toll gantries fall in numerous magisterial districts, which poses a nightmare when managing disputes with road users across various courts in the region, for the same Vehicle License Number (VLN). This supports our claim of the administrative burdensome processes linked to the e-toll plan.

One wonders if SANRAL or the Department of Justice will explain if the additional costs related to the proposed new e-toll court system have been budgeted for and if not, who will be paying for this, if indeed this absurd plan goes ahead?

This proposal by the authorities is another indication of the ‘stick approach’ that our Government prefers to take with its people, as opposed to positive and meaningful engagement approach which is intended to ensure the development of a cooperative and supportive society on these matters. Our Government and its state owned entity (SANRAL) appear to be oblivious to the concept of seeking a willing a committed citizenry as better than one wherein compliance is forced, giving rise to an aggressive relationship between the state and its people. This in turn will carry more problems and unintended consequences they will have to deal with.

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