Aurora mine directors' fate delayed

15/07/2019 12:57:40

Aurora mine directors' fate delayed

The Aurora Empowerment Systems directors who looted and collapsed the Grootvlei gold mine were back in court today to face prosecution for environmental damage. However, the case was postponed yet again to 7 August 2019. This time their lawyers requested leave to make representations against the request by eNCA to broadcast the court case live. 

“There should be no reason to object to the trial being televised as this case is in the public interest. The environmental damaged caused by the directors' recklessness has life-long effects on the land and the people who live on it or close by,” said OUTA’s Chief Legal Officer, Advocate Stefanie Fick.

OUTA was present yet again demonstrating outside the Springs Magistrate's court, calling for a swift trial. 

“It is important for us to show the court and the people of South Africa that this important matter requires our full attention. This is the first time in South Africa that mine directors are being held liable for environmental damage and it is a precedent setting case,” added Fick. 

OUTA lobbied the National Prosecuting Authority for two years to get the case into court.

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